Having problems being THANKFUL this holiday season?


What can we learn from Thanksgiving?

Recently, for 21 days in a row, I asked my employees to write down 3 things that they were thankful for. It was amazing to me how some of them embraced the idea of changing their thought patterns and others thought it was a completely ridiculous thing to do.

I heard things from the employees about how their team mates thought it would take up too much of their time to write down 3 things they were thankful for. The employees that embraced it, however, said it took less than one minute out of their day. They also said how it really had helped them to have a much more optimistic day.

Why do some people fight doing something so simple that could benefit their lives?

My wife said something the other day that was so revealing to this.

“People don’t want to know how to do things because then they might have to be responsible to do them.”

Because of the FEAR of change, people would rather continue doing what they have always done than to try something new; especially when it might stop them from being THE VICTIM!

There is much research that gives the amazing results on how gratitude can positively affect your life and those around you (one source is The Happiness Research Institute). If you take the time to make gratitude a habit in your life, you can TRANSFORM your life.

Take the time each day to think of the simplest things in life to be thankful for and you can see healing in all parts of your life. Show gratitude to your mate, your job, your health, and the beauty that is all around you. We live in such an abundantly amazing world and we ALL have many things to be thankful for. Start being thankful for the things you do have and watch how more will show up in your life!

Try it! Take one minute a day to create a habit and write down 3 things you are thankful for.  You are the only one that can truly make a lasting change to your life!

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