#livingahashtag Social Media is my best friend!


Whenever I am lonely I just go to my Facebook page, Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram. I browse through my friend’s posts and blogs filling my day up with all kinds of interesting topics. Sometimes, for entertainment, I just look at stupid stuff (comedy, abstract thoughts, or what is trending). This kind of fills my day and gets my mind off the BS of my actual BS life. Social media makes me feel important. I have lots of friends that like my posts and lots of followers. The more followers I get, the more important and valuable I feel.


I have 2 children that grew up with social media. My daughter is 23 and my son is 25. Although I use social media as well, the statements above resonate much more with the Millennials than with the Generation X’ers and even Generation Y’ers. However, all seem to be beginning to obtain more of their identity from SOCIAL MEDIA.

When I grew up we got our identity more from the church, school, our parents, television, and our friends. Though some of that is still going on today, we find more and more of a person’s identity being connected to social media than ever before. As a Kennesaw State University Junior told me recently, students walk around the campus on their phones hardly noticing all the people around them.

When my parents where young they were told to keep their feelings to themselves. My generation was at least able to express our feelings more than our parents did. The phrase “wears his/her feelings on their sleeve” was used often. With the Millenials however, it has become wear your feelings on social media for the world to read at any time. It seems things have gone from one extreme to the opposite extreme.


So, how is this affecting our society?



The Millennials are finding out that they are craving more REAL in-person social connection than ever before. The concern is that typing whatever the HELL you want to on your post isn’t the same kind of language that needs to be used to build one on one intimate relationships. More filters need to be used when communicating in person. There is a difference between being transparent and giving too much information to someone.

These days reading blogs or posts online is nothing like reading books. Books are edited and even sometimes scrutinized before being published. Online anyone can spit out an idea, crazy or not, and we more often than NOT, take it as being true.

In my earlier blogs we talked about how your perception can determine your outcome in life and how your perception is created by things you allow into your mind. If we are constantly putting things in our minds that are CRAP, then what are we expecting to get out of our minds?

How do we fix this model? Can anything be done? A resounding YES!!!

You can choose your friends and news feeds on social media. You can change the habit of being on social media all the time and read a book or actually go to lunch or dinner with a friend. Have real discussions and put good stuff in your mind. There are tons of self-improvement books or how to books. You can even get on YouTube and watch a video on just about anything you want to learn. Keep a journal or pick up the phone and talk to a friend (not everyone needs to hear you had a bad day). Use the tools to benefit your life. Don’t just be a buoy being tossed to and fro in the ocean of life. Set your sail and decide where you want to go in life. Be your own creator of your destiny, and don’t let social media tell you who you are. You are an amazing creature just being YOU!

Only YOU define who YOU are- unless you give that power away!

Dedicated to my Son Darian K Russell and Daughter Cassandra Russell.

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  1. Kevin Hipps says:

    Very true. I struggle with this myself, feeling that my validation depends on how many facebook likes I get, haha. That, I know, is very shallow thinking. As a creative person I crave an audience at times that I can share my belief systems with, more importantly, wanting to put something positive out there, into the world to make it a better place, but honestly wanting validation too and if fb was all I ever had to feel validated, life would be most miserable, haha. Good article. (Y)

    Liked by 1 person

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