This sales job SUCKS!!



I get cursed out regularly! It is hot outside! I get told “NO” way too often! Customers hate my company! It costs too much!

I am not making any sales and I don’t know why!

REALLY DUDE?? Your perception SUCKS!really-dude-1

How does your perception help you sell?

We see in my past blogs how your perception reflects your reality. So in selling a product or service we know a few facts about the process of selling.

If you are in sales you have probably heard “selling is a numbers game”. What exactly does that mean? In my business it means knocking on 110 doors to get 25 contacts, to get 5 presentations resulting finally to get 2 sales.   We have to 1st get the contacts and get 23 no’s to get 2 sales. Those are the typical numbers in my game.

These numbers can change based on your sales ability AND your perception.  

More importantly, the numbers can change based on your perception and belief. The more days you go out and make 2 sales by knocking on 110 doors, the easier it becomes for you to believe you can make 2 sales the next day.

With that in mind, what if I was to go out and make 4 sales in a day when knocking on 110 doors? What would be my perception the next day? That would somewhat depend on how many days I made 2 sales a day by knocking 110 doors. I might consider that day just a fluke.

What if we went to a neighborhood and saw a lot of different reasons that the neighborhood was a great one to sell in?

What if we sold 1 at the first door we knocked on?

What if we got cursed out the first 4 houses we knocked on?

What if you watched the news this morning and they said that the economy is having a down turn?


Things that happen to us can change our perception- if we allow them to change it. Some of those things we might want to use to change it and others might be a good thing to put out of our memory.

I have been successful in selling for 20 years now. I know that it has to do with my perception and my expectations. I expect to be successful because I put in the work. I reap what I sow.

These are some affirmations that I tell myself to keep my mind’s perceptions on having a better outcome:

  • People love to buy from me.
  • I have something they need or want even if they don’t know it yet.
  • I am a great sales person.
  • Today is a great day to sell!
  • The next door is a sale!
  • This is a great neighborhood to knock in.
  • I got my “NO’s:” out of the way, so my “Yes’s” are on the way.
  • I am confident!
  • People like me and trust me.
  • Its ok, they just don’t have enough information yet. I just need to ask the right question!

There are so many things you can tell yourself to set yourself up for success! You and what you say to yourself either creates opportunities for success or opportunities for failure. Self-talk helps define  and change your perception!

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