The Bible says: “ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find, and knock and it will be open to you” (Matt. 7:7).


For the last few years of my life, I have found myself asking questions about how I can better myself and bring more abundance to my life. I have been seeking and finding laws of the universe. I have been knocking on the doors of life trying to find out truths.

As the Bible says “you should know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). From religion’s dogmas and many cultures we learn so many different beliefs that are not to our true benefit if we want to live a fulfilled abundant life. The more I learn the more I realize how my subconscious has been programed to sabotage me in more ways than one.

I have been listening and reading self-help books, the Bible, and watching movies such as “The Secret” and “The Abundance Factor” that have definitely influenced my thoughts and actions.

Though many people question the bible as being authentic or even question the existence of God, you cannot, with any reasonable logic, question many of the laws like the Law of Gravity that we have to live by in this world. There are so many different laws that men have been writing about for years, but for some reason the understanding of them continues to get lost in translation or understanding through one’s own perceptions.

I think we have to start with understanding why a person’s perceptions are different than another’s perceptions of the same situation. Why do some of us get blessed or lucky enough to find true happiness, true bliss, true wealth, and true abundance in our lives and others don’t. People can have different experiences even though they both seem to be living in the same reality with the same opportunities as others.


Perception is to be defined here as “the way you think about or understand someone or something”. Many of us today, have been somewhere and have seen something beautiful such as a mountain view, a sunset, or any beautiful moment that we have tried to capture in a photo. Somehow when we shared with others that photo, it did not get the same reaction from them as seeing the original got from you. Being there and truly seeing it is a total different perception than looking at it on an iPhone. There are so many other senses that are used in experiencing something which truly changes the perception.

In the current media coverage, we notice all kinds of different perceptions about candidates running for office and we all somehow hear what we want to hear. When we try to give our opinion as if it is true fact, other people can think we are straight up crazy for believing that way. If I was on top of a mountain or at the bottom of a valley watching a plane crash, I would have totally different perceptions from either vantage point.

Perception is different not only because of the physical location where we currently are but also how our past has shaped our world view, and hence, beliefs. If someone was raised in the country on a farm and it was normal for them to kill animals as part of their survival and to make a living, it would be very easy for them to kill a deer in order to survive. However, someone that was raised in the city and raised with a belief that ALL life was valuable and worthy of respect might see killing a deer, even for survival, as being inhumane.

We know that depending upon your culture, the way you were raised and the beliefs that your parents, friends and society taught you become part of your perception.

Why is it that some people acquire money easily and others always find themselves fighting to live paycheck to paycheck? Could it be that they just have a different perception about money?


I have been studying about what attracts money and more and more I am finding out that it is more than just working hard for it or getting lucky or even coming up with this amazing idea. Money is governed by laws like “sowing and reaping” and those laws create a flow of money into your life as well as determining what you receive from that money.

What will continue to not only bring money into your life but give you an abundance of it without losing it with the next catastrophe? I know some of you out there have experienced what you thought was going to get you ahead only to have your car break down the very next week. So the question that I hope to answer in my next blog is – “How do you change your perception to create a much better outcome of your reality?”

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