Trouble In Your Relations???

I hear so often troubles in relationships these days. In more cases than I want to hear about if people would only look at themselves they can find the solution.
We need to STOP pointing the finger at the other person. What does everyone really want from their partner?? LOVE right? So how do you show love? Well there are 5 love languages:
1: physical touch
2: gifts
3: words of affirmation
4: acts of service
5: quality time
I recommend learning what your partners language is and start doing it for them on a regular basis and see what happens. You can link to a free assessment HERE.

Then after a week or so let them know what yours is an ask for it.


Remember this-most people just want to be recognized for being special to you and appreciated for what they do. Thanking someone for the little things can add up. Put good energy into the relationship instead of complaining about it so much and you just might see it turn around for you.
PS- sometimes it is time to move on. Make that decision and then act. But don’t expect them to change without you changing first

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